Exclusive Technologies:

Accelerated MVP™ Power System

Exclusive Technologies: Accelerated MVP™ Power System

MultiPlus Vehicle Power

For as long as there have been ENG/DSNG Trucks, broadcasters have been asking for an alternative to traditional generator based power systems. Noise, exhaust fumes, high maintenance costs and missed live shots attributed to generator problems have been the bane of every news department.

Accelerated Media was up for the challenge and has developed an alternative inverter based UPS type power system.

This innovative power system, named the MVP™ Power System employs a 12-28V Mil-Spec high amp alternator, two-four 12V Mil Spec AGM or Lithium batteries, a PREMIUM critical Inverter/charger and a real time LCD control/monitoring system which displays power load and capacity data.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with OEM Power System SEAMLESSLY with NO Warranty Issues or CEL Light!
  • Output Power 3.0-8.0kW
  • Full UPS Backup and Power Conditioning
  • Runs 3-10 Hours with Vehicle OFF
  • Mil Spec Alternators up to 400 Amp/12-28 and 5.0kw 120V Depending on Application
  • Runs at BASE Idle or Elevated Idle for Added Capacity
  • (4) High Capacity AGM or Lithium Batteries
  • Real Time LCD Monitoring
  • 110W Solar Panels (Optional)

The MVP™ Power System Provides Our Customers with the Following Benefits:

  • Integrates System Size and Output is Configurable to Your Power Requirements 3-8Kw
  • The Truck can Operate without the Engine Running (No Emissions!) - Runs 4-10+ Hours Depending on the Load
  • Runs Indefinitely at Idle Speed when Additional Charging is Needed (Until you Run Out of Fuel)
  • Maintenance Free for Your Operators (No Excessive Belt or Pulley Wear)
  • Comes Standard with a 24-35,000 BTU Air Conditioner and Integrated Heater System
  • Battery Life Expected to be 5+ Years
  • Extreme Weight Savings
  • Hide Away Components Do Not Consume Storage Space
  • OEM Warranty Friendly Conversion!

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