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Exclusive Technologies: ENGenesis™



To learn more about our ENGenesis™ technology, please visit lte4eng.com.

ENGenesis™ is based on industry standard Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology and adapted to operate in the 2/7GHz BAS Bands. LTE is the most advanced cellular industry standard with wide industry support from cellular equipment vendors and operators around the world and includes many advanced features that are applicable to a BAS Band System. ENGenesis™ is NOT a cellular bonding system – it uses your current dedicated 2/7GHz BAS bands for private secure data transmission.

Benefits of ENGenesis™ Include:

  • All IP Architecture
  • The ENGenesis™ system provides IP connectivity between the Truck-User-Equipment and the IP core network. The IP connection is a high bandwidth data pipe which carries data from different applications including A/V streams, VoIP, and other user data such as Internet traffic between the user device and the IP network.

  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
  • The LTE technology used in ENGenesis™ is extremely efficient in managing bandwidth allocation among user devices in broadcast trucks connected to the Receiving-Site-Node. The bandwidth allocation is done in real time involving dynamic coding/modulation. For example, a Mobile Unit close to the Fixed Unit uses less system resource than a Mobile Unit far away from the Fixed Unit, while delivering the same bandwidth to each of the two Mobile Units. By using real-time dynamic bandwidth allocation, the ENGenesis™ system ensures the most efficient use of the system resource to optimally support multiple Mobile Units.

  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • The QoS feature built into the ENGenesis™ system offers both user and application priorities. User priority allows differentiation of data traffic priority between Mobile Units. Application priority allows differentiation of data traffic between applications of the same Mobile Unit. For example, A/V streams can have higher priority than background Internet traffic. The QoS configuration is fully controllable by the operator to meet the network’s and users’ data priority policies.

  • Bi-directional Communication
  • TE supports bi-directional data communication between the Fixed Unit and the Mobile Unit. Coupled with the QoS management, multiple applications including A/V streaming, Voice over IP (VoIP), file transfers, and other Internet traffic, can be multiplexed onto a single radio channel and prioritized according to QoS policy rules. In a bi-directional LTE system, a downlink pilot signal is always present. The operator can use this downlink reference as an aid for truck antenna alignment without having another operator at the network end for guidance.

  • Software Upgradeable Future Proof Design
  • The ENGenesis™ infrastructure equipment is software upgradeable via the Element Management System (EMS). The user device is upgradeable over-the-air through the ENGenesis™ air interface without any user intervention. This future proof design allows the ENGenesis™ system to include advanced features in future LTE releases.

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