Fire Rescue & HLS:

Command-24 Mobile Operations Center

Fire Rescue & HLS: Command-24 Mobile Operations Center

Accelerated Media’s Command-24 platform is based on a Mercedes Sprinter or Ford Transit F4X with either a gasoline or diesel engine. The GVWR of these chassis ranges from 8,600 to 14,000-lbs and are available in FACTORY 4-Wheel Drive. Generators up 12kW can be accommodated with ease. Our wide range of interior configurations provide ample space for up to 5 operators and up to 3 equipment racks for electronic equipment.

Designed for both Mission Critical Disaster response and First Responders, the Command 24's options often include Thermal and HD mast cams, complete drone integration, interior and exterior video displays, video conferencing with multiple levels of comms and connectivity packages with multi-layer VPN Security.

Our Exclusive and patented SkyNode™ system further enhances the Command-24 by utilizing both licensed and unlicensed LTE and FirstNet frequencies to stay connected. As an added feature, the SkyNode™ adds the ability to stream 4 paths of SDI or HDMI Video to our Video Network Server direct to your NOC or to the Cloud.

Other Available Feature's include High Bandwidth Satellite IP connectivity, Redundant Power systems, 240/120V Operation with seamless UPS backup, HVAC capacity up to 57,000 BTU, Radio Interoperability Systems, Scalable Computer Networks, Complete Baseband Audio and Video Systems, Multiple Reach-back Options, Mil Spec Communications packages, Redundant Layered tiers of Communications, and Air Transportable Certifications.



Large command centers have their place, but nothing beats the ability to quickly deploy a self-contained, highly maneuverable command center without the need for specialized drivers or having to worry about fitting down narrow urban streets.

The Command-24 System requires no external power source or connections. It deploys quickly and easily, and almost anyone can use it without training. On board power and near instantaneous connectivity are on board while in motion so the response is instantaneous.

Remote-video access is achieved using a combination of mobile routers, cellular bonding devices and satellite connectivity to provide high bandwidth, secure communications in any situation.

  • Onboard DVR (Redundant)
  • Choice of wireless communications
  • Choice of cameras (Thermal and Optical)
  • Multiple cameras
  • Drone Integration
  • Interoperability Architecture
  • Systems designed for your needs.

With hundreds systems currently in use, we have the experience to design a system designed SPECIFICALLY for your needs.

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