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CID Passport

Exclusive Technologies: CID Passport
The CID-PASSPORT is a state-of-the-art satellite modulator designed for applications over satellite in full compliance with the DVB-S, DVB-DSNG, DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X (Broadcast and DSNG profiles) standards. CID-PASSPORT covers the full L-Band range (950/2150 MHz) and IF Band range (50/180 MHz) on the same hardware platform. CID-PASSPORT offers bit rates from 0.25 Mbps up to 200 Mbps with a Symbol Rate from 0.1 MBauds to 68 MBauds. CID-PASSPORT has the capability to drive a Block Up Converter (BUC) via High Stability 10Mhz reference available on the L-Band RF output signal. CID-PASSPORT is compliant with the latest Carrier ID requirements defined in ETSI 103 129.
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