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AMT Offers Broadcast Industry’s Only Certified Hi-Top Conversion for Ford and Nissan ENG Vans

April 20, 2017

Unique High Top Delivers Ergonomic Interior Work Height and High Roof Strength

Las Vegas, NV (April 24, 2017) – Accelerated Media Technologies (AMT) Inc. is showcasing its unique line of Ford and Nissan High Top conversion ENG/DSNG vans designed specifically for broadcast applications at the 2017 NAB trade show (booths C3636 and OE1309). These new models improve mobility by lowering both overall road height and the center of gravity, and improve broadcast functionality with superior interior work height and greatly increased roof strength. AMT worked with the automakers to develop the conversion, and is the only manufacturer to offer full OEM certification.

“The standard configuration of work vans from Ford and Nissan are great for tradesmen, but needed some adjustments to meet broadcast vehicle needs,” said Tom Jennings, President, Accelerated Media Technologies. “We worked closely with both companies, and with their strong support we developed a game-changing broadcast-specific conversion. As a result, our customers are already benefitting from more than 100 of these new vans, which are easier to maneuver and garage, and can be more easily upgraded as technologies evolve.”

Broadcast roof payloads often exceed 1,000 pounds, and the automakers only rate their roof structures for a maximum of 300 lbs. The innovative design of this new AMT conversion boosted the roof capacity from 300 pounds for the standard models to well over 2,000 pounds while increasing interior work height. It also allowed AMT to better control the often radical roof contours which provides greater mounting “flat-area” to avoid complex equipment collisions.

Despite these changes, the overall vehicle height remains well under 10 feet, which means customers can more easily fit the vans into garage spaces and avoid overhead collisions. With a lower center of gravity, drivability is also improved versus taller, more top-heavy design alternatives. For more information on AMT High Top Conversion Vans, contact Tom Jennings, President at AMT by calling 508-459-0300 or via email at

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